Key points:

- Lifelong warranty

- Delivery term - 7 business days  


These General Terms & Conditions govern the rights and obligations of the Parties arising from the purchase agreement entered into by Vendor and Buyer.

Vendor: KVALITER s.r.o.
Address: Tehelná 25, Bratislava 83103
Email: info@kvaliter.com
Tel: +421 948 315 959

Company ID (IČO):  48228796
Tax reg. no.:  2120110388
Incorporated: Bratislava I, Section: Sro, Entry ref. no.: 105241/B

A/c: IBAN: SK21 1100 0000 0029 4800 7345

E-shop: www.kvaliter.com

Buyer: natural or legal person who enters into a commercial relationship with Vendor by making an order.

Purchases in the e-shop www.kvaliter.com may be made by a natural person or legal entity without limitation, under the condition that they comply with these General Terms & Conditions. By sending an order for goods, Buyer grants consent to these General Terms & Conditions. Items for sale are products that can be found on offer on the e-shop www.kvaliter.com


Goods can be ordered by:

  • completing the order form on the e-shop
  • email to info@kvaliter.com
  • calling +421 903 533 142  

Buyer must state with each order their name and surname or business name, postal and billing address, telephone number, email address, and if a sole trader or legal entity, also the company registration number, tax reg. no. and VAT reg. no., name of product, product description, quantity and the date of order (an order via the e-shop automatically satisfies these terms). In line with the Act on Protection of Personal Data No. 122/2013 Coll., these data will only be used in the commercial relationship between Vendor and Buyer and will not be provided to third parties (with the exception of parties transporting the goods). By confirming the order, Buyer confirms the truth and accuracy of the given data.

Buyer hereby acknowledges that sending an order to Vendor qualifies as a proposal to enter into a purchase contract as per § 409 and subsequent provisions of the Commercial Code, whereby these General Terms & Conditions comprise a binding part of such a purchase contract. An order made in this way is regarded as binding and is in compliance with Act No. 108/2000 Coll. on consumer protection in doorstep selling and distance selling, as later amended, and regulations understood as a contract concluded remotely.

After sending an order, Buyer receives an automatic email with information about registration of the order in the system.

The automatic notification about receipt of the order to the electronic system of Vendor is not regarded as binding confirmation of the order.

Our staff might contact you by phone or email to verify the order or to request additional information. Buyer is entitled to cancel the order without charge only on the day Vendor has first contact with Buyer, i.e. on the day the order is received.


Vendor is obliged:

  • based on an order confirmed by Vendor, to supply the goods to Buyer in the agreed quantity, quality and delivery term, and to pack the goods or arrange their carriage in a manner that ensures preservation and protection of the goods
  • to provide Buyer with all documents required for receipt and use of the goods and other documents prescribed by law, at the latest together with delivery of the goods, in hard copy or electronic form
Vendor is entitled to due and timely payment of the purchase price from Buyer for supplied goods.  


Buyer is obliged:

  • to accept purchases or ordered goods
  • to pay Vendor the agreed purchase price by the agreed payment date, including costs for delivery of the goods.
Buyer is entitled to delivery of the goods in the quantity and quality, and to the delivery point and by the term agreed by the Parties after confirmation of order by Vendor.
Buyer may pay Vendor the purchase price of the goods as per the Pricelist of Vendor valid at the time of order, including costs for delivery of the goods:
  • upon collection from a courier at the delivery point
  • by bank transfer
  • by payment card or PayPal service


When paying before collection of the goods, make the payment only after you receive an email or telephone “confirmation of order”.

Payment methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Payment card
  • PayPal

If a customer paying before receipt of the goods does not pay for the ordered goods by 14 days from confirmation of order, Vendor is entitled to cancel the reservation for the goods from Buyer and class the order as invalid. At the same time, the commercial relationship between Vendor and Buyer thereby ceases.

If a customer using the personal collection method fails to collect the ordered goods by 14 days from confirmation of order, Vendor is entitled to cancel the reservation of the goods from Buyer and class the order as invalid. At the same time, the commercial relationship between Vendor and Buyer thereby ceases.

Each consignment of ordered goods will be accompanied by an invoice billing for the ordered goods and cost of delivery.

The invoice also acts as a delivery and warranty note. Valid prices of the goods are stated at individual items and are valid exclusively for purchases from the e-shop www.kvaliter.com.

Vendor reserves the right to change the purchase price in the event of a change to legal regulations or price changes from good manufacturers or suppliers. If Buyer pays Vendor the purchase price by bank transfer, the payment date is regarded as the day the full due amount is credited to Vendor’s account.

Seller guarantees the supply of goods at the price that was given in the e-shop at the time the goods were ordered. The operator of the e-shop www.kvaliter.com is not VAT applicable.


Free delivery of orders within the EU The list of goods on the internet e-shop www.kvaliter.com operated by the Vendor is a catalogue of commonly supplied goods and Vendor does not guarantee immediate availability of all listed goods.

The common delivery term is 7 business days from receipt of order confirmation by email or telephone.

The ordered goods will be sent to Buyer using the courier company DHL.

Transport costs for wholesale orders will be agreed by telephone.


Vendor is authorized to withdraw from a confirmed order from Buyer if it is not able to supply the ordered goods.

Vendor is obliged to notify Buyer immediately about this fact. Vendor is entitled to cancel an order also if it is not able to contact Buyer (e.g. wrong or incomplete contact details).

Pursuant to the provisions of § 7 of the Consumer Protection Act, in the sale of goods and the provision of services under remote contracts and contracts executed outside the business premises of Vendor (Act No. 102/2014 Coll.), Buyer is entitled to withdraw from the concluded contract without stating grounds by 14 days from receipt of the goods or from entering into the services contract, whereby the letter of withdrawal from the contract must be sent to Vendor no later than on the last day of this term. Buyer has this right also when goods ordered over the internet are collected in person directly at the Vendor.

If Buyer decides to withdraw from the contract within this term, the following conditions must be complied with:

  • To contact Vendor in writing with the request to withdraw from the contract stating order number, purchase date and account number or address for returning the money.
  • If the goods are supplied and collected by Buyer, the goods must be sent back to the address of Vendor under the following conditions: the goods should be sent by courier and insured as Vendor is not liable for any loss or damage caused during carriage.
  • once all the conditions above for returning goods are met, Vendor will return any money paid for the goods by bank transfer to Buyer’s account, no later than by 14 days from physical receipt of the goods.  

Transport costs for delivery of the goods are not returnable. Costs for returning the goods are not borne by Buyer only if the goods did not fully satisfy the qualitative requirements and are defective.


We give a lifetime warranty on our products. If anything is wrong with your product, get in touch with us and we will resolve it for free. Hide (leather) is a natural material and so each individual product will have a slightly different structure, texture and color tones, which combined with the bad calibration of most monitors means the final shade may differ slightly. Leather that is exposed to the elements and natural wear and tear for years (abrasion, greasy hands, sunlight) changes appearance and naturally gets darker, making it softer to the touch and on the eye, as it adapts to the contours of your body. These processes are a natural feature of leather and give the product its beauty and originality.

The warranty term starts to lapse on the day the goods are received by Buyer. The invoice delivered to Buyer accompanying the goods serves also as the warranty certificate. Buyer is obliged to inspect the goods as soon as they are received. If some physical damage of the goods or packaging is discovered

Buyer is obliged to draw up a report on the damage in the presence of the carrier. Buyer is to state the objection concerning the goods on the delivery note or draw up a loss report together with the carrier. The carrier is liable for damage during carriage. Vendor is not liable to Buyer for delayed delivery of the goods caused by the courier service or by the provision of an incorrect address of Buyer. Any claim for failure to deliver on the side of the courier or for damage to the goods caused by the courier service, must be made directly to a courier service employee.

The warranty does not apply to common wear and tear of articles or parts thereof from use. The warranty applies only to production defects. The warranty term ceases also in cases where the defect is caused by maltreatment, mechanical damage, use under unsuitable conditions or by some prohibited manipulation with the product.

If you are making a claim, you should notify Vendor by telephone that the product has some defect and how it manifested. Based on this information, you will be advised about how to proceed with your claim. We resolve claims by individual agreement with the customer in line with applicable legal regulations.

When making a claim on the goods, Buyer is obliged to send the defective item to Vendor together with a signed claim form describing the defects. For a claim to be valid, it must be accompanied also by a copy of the tax document based on which the goods were acquired. Goods should be sent by courier and insured as Vendor is not liable for any loss or damage caused during carriage. The goods must be complete, with accessories, instructions, and suitably packed in the original packaging if possible. The delivery point for a goods claim is the address of Vendor.

Claims will be resolved within 30 days at the latest from receipt of the defective goods by Vendor.


Seller undertakes that the acquired data provided by Buyer when ordering will serve exclusively for the purposes of Vendor. We treat your personal data as strictly confidential and they are stored in our database.

Buyer declares consent pursuant to Act 122/2013 Coll. on the protection of personal data, as amended, for Vendor to process and store his personal data, foremost those that are required in the activities of Vendor and to process them in all its information systems. Buyer grants Vendor this consent for an indefinite period. Consent to the processing of personal data may be revoked by Buyer in writing at any time. The consent will lapse within 30 days from delivery of the revoked consent of Buyer to Vendor, whereby data will be subsequently erased.

Vendor will not provide this information to third parties, with the exception of essential personal data required for delivery of the goods provided to the carrier.


Vendor is entitled depending on the nature of the ordered products to call on the consumer for an inspection in person and personal collection of the product (applies mainly to more expensive items, or items that are larger in volume or weight). In such cases, Buyer will be contacted to agree on subsequent steps.

Vendor and Buyer agree that they fully acknowledge remote communication – by telephone, in electronic form, foremost by email and the internet, as a valid and binding form for both Parties. These General Terms & Conditions are valid from 13 August 2014. Vendor reserves the right to amend these General Terms & Conditions, whereby placement of a written notice about a change to these General Terms & Conditions on the e-shop internet site of Vendor is deemed as fulfilling the obligation to notify changes in writing.

These General Terms & Conditions are concluded and acquire force when goods are ordered by Buyer, thereby entering into a purchase contract, which Buyer fully agrees with by ordering the goods, and Buyer has been made acquainted with these General Terms & Conditions in full.

Thanks you for reading our General Terms & Conditions.
These GTC are valid from 1.8.2017 until further notice.